Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola

Plants have been used since the beginning of time to treat a myriad of illnesses and diseases.

Many people believe that that power that plants hold are folk remedies or old wise tales. I am here to shed some light on the science of these plants and the power they hold to help us heal from the inside out.

Are you looking for a brain boost? Is it possible that there could be an inexpensive whole food supplement that you could add to your diet to improve cognitive functioning, help ward off cognitive decline, AND help with a whole boat load of other issues you could be experiencing? if you are, then Gotu Kola should be added to the top of your superfood list.

This powerful valued plant is used in traditional medicine in South East Asia, and Ayurvedic Medicine and has been used for centuries. Research studies show that Gotu Kola improves memory, has neuroprotective properties, and can help ward off Alzheimer’s Disease. WOW, I mean WOW! But wait, there’s more. It also improve glucose tolerance, is used to treat urinary tract infections, aids in the treatment of amenorrhea, anxiety relief, treats skin conditions like psoriasis, and eczema, AND is used to treat diabetes and varicose veins.

The wonderful benefits of this plant don’t stop there. Gotu Kola is also antimicrobial, improves circulation by increasing blood flow, speeds wound healing. Is there anything this plant doesn’t do? 😉

The nutritional value of this plan is also profound. It contains an abundance of b vitamins, vitamin c, important minerals, it is high in protein, contains phytonutrients such as flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins, and volatile oils.

Now the question is… how do you USE this magnificent plant?

Well, I will tell you how I personally use it. I take 2 cups of homemade coconut milk, 1 tsp of Gotu Kola, 1/8 tsp vanilla powder, pinch of sea salt, and 10 drops of liquid vanilla stevia. Blend and serve hot.

I also occasionally make a tea with 1 tsp of Gotu Kola powder with 1 cup filtered water. I like to blend 1 Tbsp of Pure Indian Foods Ghee into my tea to add creaminess, butyrate, fat soluble vitamins and healthy blood sugar regulation. The third and final way that I ingest this healing plant is simply to take a spoonful and shove it in my mouth, chasing it with a glass of water. No, it doesn’t taste amazing but if you visualize all the GOOD it’s doing inside you, you’ll be able to get it down no problem. 🙂

What brand do I buy? I stick to Organic Traditions because this company is USDA certified organic, tested for toxic metals and chemicals, and is a stand up company all round. I can’t wait for all of you to experience the benefits of Gotu Kola.


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