Testimonial from H.H.

I’m excited to share a new testimonial that I’m extremely proud of.

Testimonial from H.H.

I thought I’d share my own experience. Justine has been nothing but 100% accommodating, resourceful, and caring to me. I truly believe she does amazing work.

Any Instagram fitness model can sell a meal plan, Chapters has rows of recipe books, and the internet is – in essence – an unlimited, continually evolving free database. Suffice to say – “lack of data” is not the problem. We have all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips. So why do we all fail so hard with our diets?

Practical implementation and the complexity of each person as an individual is where people struggle. Depending on one’s genetics, metabolism, biochemistry, lifestyle, activity level, psyche, temperament, sleep schedule, toxic burden, discipline, taste preference and more… What’s optimum for each person is astronomically unique. 100 people could follow the exact same meal plan bite for bite, and come out with entirely different results. Unfortunately, some trial and error is always required.

Justine is more than just a nutritionist… In a consult, she’ll interview about sleep, work, exercise, relationships, lifestyle, and provide intertwining advice about it all, custom-catered to the individual’s goals and medical conditions. She’ll analyze all bloodwork, labs, and personally-recorded data prior to the appointment, and come up with a solution that works for you.

(Ie – I’m a 27 year old male who burns around 4,000 calories/day with work and exercise, and sometimes don’t eat enough… I wish to put on weight, not lose it! Suffice to say, my advice and protocols are vastly different than one in hopes of weight loss, or a patient batting a neuro-degenerative disease)

Justine’s been happy to answer the odd question I’ve texted her outside of appointments, and I can tell she truly cares. She’s bubbly and filled with passion every time we speak. Her combination of personal and professional experience which makes her an invaluable resource. Her (continually expanding) resume speaks for itself. From the University of Alberta to the Institute For Functional Medicine to more… I wholeheartedly recommend her. As a practicing health coach myself.

After our second appointment, I was still somewhat confused. I let Justine know this wasn’t her fault – it was mine for not asking the right questions. I wished to pay her for another 20 minute phone call to clear things up. Justine called and talked to me for 40 minutes later that day, and didn’t charge me A DIME. I’m not normally a Yelper, but she deserves the love. I feel bad about the free time, so I wrote this to even the scales 😉

-HH, 27 years old, health student, former national level athlete

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